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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The busy week

 Hello dear readers ! Did you miss me ?? I know you did don't be shy HA ! Have been a long and busy week and there's more event happening follow by. I don't even have enough rest ): Shall update on this week more pictures than words so continue scrolling :D

Before continue let me shout out loud 'HAPPY 11TH-Mth' With my lovely boy ♥ !! Counting down 1 more mth to out 1yr anni cant wait ! Dear say he planned a big one i wonder what hmm~

Back to topic-

 Head over to Quan long's farewell BBQ at pasir ris with the bunch. Had lots of chats and FOOD o eat ahha. Poor worm is going to be Botak for the next 2 yr after toady counting down timing less than 12hrs to go. (evil laugh~*)

Celebrated early for boyf's birthday with his classmate. Smart boy in his new shirt (L)

 I'm cutting the meat in a nice way 
 Huh ? i eating your pizza ?! ops~
 Smile :D
Eh bro later after dinner doing do what ??

 Late lunch or rather early dinner at clark quay with them. Spent more than an hr eating and chatting. I love group outing !

 My fairy dont fly ! i will catch you heeh 

 Who say only girls can take pic boys also can hor ! Smile~~~
 The boy band aka Ah beng say cheese 

 Bump to this guys at 313. Smile to cam of cause !
 w chris (L)
Worm so exra ha !

Photo shooting on 27th, 28. Check out my fb for more photos !

  With qiqi and serene for Bf tee shoot. I look crap that day. not enough sleep, tired eyes and heavy eye bag. Don't even dare look at the picture on that day ):

 Tested wedding grown today preparing for up coming shoot -Solo bride. Can't wait ! can't wait !

Le sexy Santarina ! :D

Ending post now be sure to stay tune for more post and follow my twitter if you havent !  @ https://twitter.com/foxyykiss 
Tata xoxo'~

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