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Thursday, 1 November 2012

2nd part boyf celebration

Celebrated Boyf birthday with his cling at Bugis+ Aston today.

 Total 15 of us so just check out how long the receipt is !

 Eating time. Poor waiters had a big headache serving us HA!

 Sang birthday song to le boy with this 3 lovely cupcakes by mak.
 Lining and make our way up to 7th floor to take a few group shoots.

 There you have, the boys.
 Best part is when mak pick darren up and trow him on the wet floor. Funniest part is when making the way out darren's head know the glass door and the door open. All of us was like laughing so damn hard !

 Tatan~ Poor boyf (evil laugh~*)

 This the part then we take lift down all of them pushes boyf in the center and tickle him all the way till it reaches 1st floor. aww~ He just sat and cried (FAKE CRY !)

Other people got cake smashes on face during birthday he got smashed by ice cream ! Never know a 70 cent ice cream can cost so much fun and laughter haha !

My dear boyfriend. Happy 21st birthday ! Hope you enjoy your celebration and present i got for you. Stay happy and young forever alright ?! I love you so much !! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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