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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Life's short so enjoy

 I'm the girl next door, i love to smile and laugh. I act silly and crazy with my friends, Im not pretty nor cute, im not sweet or sexy, Im simply me, love it. Life's short so why try to be someone which is not yourself ? I'm happy with the way i look and i behave. I'm happy im alive every single day and to those who love and care for me. I love myself (:

Boyf got his Iphone5 and he's treating it like a new born baby. And reason he give me is cause i bough that for him. Well~ i only pay for the pricing he recontract and monthly he pay :b

Just done hair treatment and triming as well, lazy to take picture so give it a skip. Now my hair is shinning and healthy (#happy) Boyf got his hair trimed as well, his hair is growing long in shorter and shorter time ! Aiya botak suay la :x

Worn my new top (from bugis street) out to town with my boy. I needa get new and more high-waist pants !

Meet up with stanley, celina and derick for dinner at Billy's. The food is damn ex ! and they have like almost nothing much. We have to change our order for twice and the food is not that good as i expect it should be. Chicken is too salty, plasta have not much ingredient, missed out 1 of our drinks and waiting time too long. Never going there again.

Thanks stanley for the sticky (:

End this post with me and boyf picture. Look how cute he's ! hahahaha.

Will update more often, follow my twitter @ https://twitter.com/foxyykiss
Bye ! xoxo'~

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