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Monday, 22 October 2012

Mak 21st birthday

 Happy birthday to Mak ! He's 21 now and i haven't even reach 18. im so sad ): Ok back to topic, went over to his chalet on 19th haven seen the whole group of their Ite friends for a very long time. Its a good time to catch up some news and talk to 'those long lost friends'.

 I love the cake so much just check out the golden key, it's real gold ! Gold dust, they say its good for our body if im not wrong. 21st birthday, sure have a key on the cake i still have to waif for 3 more yrs. tsk~

The whole bunch of boys from same class in ite life

 And here you have the friends with at least 4 yrs for friend ship (:

 What a nice shot haha!
 There you have, the birthday boy with chocolate cream on his face. He seem so happy with the chocolate ! haha.

 Drinking season for the guys, and we girls just sit and watch and laugh.

Tried this jelly bean from mak, no one dare try ! Poor boy of mine got the canned dog food laugh max !

Alright, im done here, shall update about 21 outdoor shoot on next post so stay tune ! Bye xoxo`~

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