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Friday, 19 October 2012

My life is simple.

Starting the day by having heavy flu what a luck. It's Mid of Oct now 1 1/2 more mth before 2012 end. Time pass like damn fast, im turning 18 soon ! Cut the joke out stop laughing my bday fall on dec and after my bday 9 more days world end ): 

Having lots of event following by. Will be heading down to Mak chalet later on, 24th- small bbq gather for quanlong's farewell to army (Botak ! ahaha) 27th Boyf early birthday celebration, 1st Nov Boyf real birthday, 29th our 1 yr and 12th Dec my birthday. Busy busy !

"Safe And Sound" - Taylor Swift + Civil Wars - Hunger 

Check this out ! http://youtu.be/d8OOj5z9zeg Hope you guys like it (: I love her voice so much! how i wish i can sing that well `sobbing~*

Dinner at Watami with Le boy on Wed, Stupid boyf drank Whiskey w coke and i have to push him away when he talk near to me or trying to kiss me, not be be mean but i cant stand the smell. It lead me to headache ! ):

Got this 2 Lovely casing for my phone at beadstreet. Love it so much ! Now i can change new 'clothes' for my poor phone HA!

My new nail art for this week, pass or fail ? 

Just found out my shoot rate have increased #happy ! for any Advertising or Modelling contact me at vass-thy@hotmail.com (cheers)

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