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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Need a break

Head's heavy. Mind's blank. Eye's sleepy. Body's aching. I'm falling sick soon or what. (yawns~ i lost count) 

Work work work ! But i never fail to love this 2 babes of mine. I was half drunk when took this photo, next day realize it's blur !!

My B (L)

Covering up my old tattoo after 4 yrs. Wait for the final look (wink)

Anyway~ i created my very own page after so long. Do click like for me will you ?
Tons of love `xoxo;

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hair show and random

I'm dying to get rest !! But before bed i shall update my blog before i leave it to rot again.

Chopped off half of my hair during ELG hair show. 

Saw Jessica during the casting and both of us got it. More than half a yr we last met on our first event tgh !

THe make over time for my hair. I got caramel and blond highlight (L)

Just take as you dint see my chubby face. Been gaining weight. Time to chill with the food. Oh god~

A group photo before ending the show. 

Meet up with my boy and sky today. Been awhile i see sky, he's still skinny as hell LOL !

Had hot Tomato as dinner before i start running around and im glad i din't buy any clothes ! Got myself 2 arm candy and a ring (oh well~ at least it's less than 30$. Target settle ! ) Hop to Sushi shop cos i can't get enough of foodddddddd (cantrol~~~~~)

 My artistic shot of plant (LOL)

A big face of mine to end this post. Byeeeeeeeeeeee (L)

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Click on love

Weekly update is on the line. Though since i haven't been updating blog no one will ever read it again but to my surprise it's 500+ view on my last post. Not much but still thanks for dropping by my blog on my updates. (L)

Dinner date with my boy last Sat at Vivo City. Asian Kitchen for dinner, they never fail to increase my craving each time i walk pass the shop. Dragging dear in and start my order (laugh~)

Starbuck's hot chocolate to warm up my tummy from dear, women~ the week of pain.

This boy of mine started his attachment since 2 weeks back, endless complaint from him. hahaha~ all the best dear ! 2 more months to go xD 

Today, 1 week after our meet up. Been seeing him like once or twice per week since he start his work. Miss me ok ?? hehehe

Grab dinner at Bugis+ Suyika today, was disappointed with the food, the choices were less and the soup have not much taste. Wonder why is there always long q. And the price is not cheap as well ! Not going back again.

Bought 2 pullover from Bershak. Im so super in love with their clothes !

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Push a little

Here's my update of this week, hope you're not getting bored of my blog. Sad life of me was down with sickness for the pass 1 week plus, cough and fever. Weather is being a bitch recently.

Been camping at home watching 「蘭陵王」Was a great show full of laugher and sadness. Super in love with all their songs ! You can find on youtube btw.

A great catch up with Madeline at John's place. Last seem her was start of this yr ??

She's such a cutie pie ! (L) Had a fun shoot with her as well. Stay tune for the photos (:

Told my self not to buy clothes any more but still ~ i fail to control myself (sobbing~*)\
Fishtail dress- Forever 21 ($33)
Open back long sleeve / Plain laces white top - 2 for $18

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


I'm back on blogging peopleeeeeee !!! Okay~  i know i promise i will keep this blog alive and its been more than half a month since i last post. My lousy desktop die on my 5 months back and now i'm having lappy ! And that mean~~~~~ I'm able to blog often ! Great news ! Yea ? Neh ? I wonder if there's even people reading ! But if you're in my blog reading this right now, I love you (L) Flying kisses*

Had group bikini shoot 2 weeks back, a great day to catch up with Lulu And Jess. It's been monthssss of our last meet up ! And so is our dear organizer Mr Stevie (clap clap*)

Asian Photography Event with 120 photographer all around Asian is joined in this event. It was fun except for rolling in the sea and sand with Lulu. She's still on crazy side hahaha !

Had a relax lingerie shoot with Baka Gomi last week. Loving every bits.

Dear all photographer, do support me and Lulu on this Saturday bikini's Shoots ! See you all on Sat (L)