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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sometimes silence speaks a thousand words.

Catch 'Sinister' with Stanley on Thursday noon at Tm, Was disappointed with it, Stated Nc16 but over all was like Pg 13 to me. Got shock by some parts when it was sudden attack like twice (?) Rating 3/5.

Woke up on Friday morning and saw this super cute text from boyfriend. Heart melts~*

Ps for my crazy faces and my blur boyf. Took those during monday shoot when im starting to get bored while waiting for my turn Ha!

Current nails ^ Thinking of making roses nails. Should i should i ??

Lao ban from yst night with boyf, sky and javier. Skip mac after eating this cause we are too full ! For girls wanna go on diet, you should eat this as your breakfast, lunch and dinner ! Neh just joking. Babes Fuck those who say you not pretty, fuck those who say you're fat, fuck those who say you're too short/tall. Fuck those words cause you're beautiful ♥

Shall end this post with a pretty pictures i took and edit. Shall updated soon so stay turn ! 
Thanks those who view my blog and made it hit more than 1k for last month i love you guys !!

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