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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I wish Singapore snow

Have been raining for the pass weeks, Other counties is having winter while Singapore only rain, that's so not fair ! I wanna see snow ): Real snow falling from the sky not those in snow city. Maybe because im born in Dec that's why i love winter time, ok there's no link to it and some more im scare of cold ! Real scare ~ How am i going to survivor if i have to move to a country that have winter ?! I will be freeze to dead on my first day. tsk~

Sunday- Lunch at Hot tomato in 313. I LOVE their food ! But never once im able to finish it. Meet Fuxiang at around 6pm after he end work, 2nd round of eating at Pasta Mania, i can hardly walk.

Headed out with my new nail art on that day, can you see what i had drawn on my nails ? if you can't means i had fail ): No photos of me which is rare !

 Hunter unleash at cine !
Haagen-dazs ice cream from yst with my love.

Short post for today, im done here. BYEEEEs !

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