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Thursday, 4 October 2012

I wish to be a guy

Having cramps for the pass few days and my mood was way down. I hate it so much ! Spoild my mood and i get piss off +  mood swing very easily ): Poor boyfriend have to tahan my fuck up attitude. It always on my mind, why do we girl have to suffer, it's so not fair can ! I wish to be a guy.

Menstruation- pain that you can't tahan, it irritate you and make you can't sit or stand. Hurt you like a bitch and leaving you with bad temper. Feeling thirsty and yet you can't drink anything thing that's cold. Blood flowing like no body business and you have to keep changing new pad even it's middle of night. And it happen for fucking 1 week every mth. So Boys please be caring and treasure your girl, you'll never know those pain we went through.

Head over to HollandV. for a night shoot. Starting off with this super cute outfit (: Was getting bored of theose sexy look and so here im trying out look. I think i look cute. don't cha think ? hahaha.

And again im back to the sexy look. So cute or sexy look better ? (wink~*)

Here by let me tell you a story of me and a panda bread.|
Oh hello there (:
This is my panda bread. Cute right ? ^^
You k now what.... (grandama story) + (nom nom~*)
Oh no ! I ate off my panda ears !
I'm so sorry panda ):
And i finish my bread heeh~

Here's my panda bread before in my stomach. (v)

Say hi to John, my photographer ;D

Head off to bugis with dear and bought a top (L) End this post ith my boyf picture.
Going do eye mask with dear ! Say bye bye to panda eyes ! Bye (kisses~)

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