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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hello people ! I shall update on today cause its the last day of 2011 ! Omg~ time pass like flying cannnn~? So fast in a blink of eyes 2011 is ending and a brand new year of 2012 is tml !! Well, for me in 2011 many things happen, i think every year oso many things happen de la :b. And know what ? I growth taller too T^T Pls body ! Pls stop getting taller... i want cry le la !! sob~ Okok ! Shall stop the craps and back to today's topic of posting ! Will be posting about those people who play a huge parts of my life and those fun, sad and silly moments we had. Stay tune and enjoys ! :D (should be long enough for my starting le ba :B)

This silly boy of mine call DARREN ! He's the love of my life and ofcos the one i want to be with when i growth old (: Such a cutie-pie to say 'i love you' to me every single day in face, on phone and through texts and make me smile like a fool without fail. Thanks to my silly bum im always happy cause i know he don't want me to be sad ! And to my dearest boy ! "Maybe I'm not perfect, but some how loving you is the sweetest thing i would do for the rest of my life just for you ! And i will contiune loving you even after 50 yrs later when all your hair turns white, all your teeth drop untill don't know where and you hardly can move. I will still be there for you holding on your hands and whisper 'i love you' softly into your ears ♥♥♥♥♥♥"

This CRAZY BITCH of mine aka Celina/Minako have been my going 5 yrs of sisterships and 4 yrs of QINAIDE !! The one that pei me walk through the hardest road, laugh and epic things and alway get bounce out of class together. HAHAHA~ She never fail to cheer me up everytime i feel like crying and lend me her listening ears to head me nag whole day long :B laugh~ Thanks to this girl i know what true friendship is and although we have gone through a few times of misunderstanding we still ended up side by side ! And to my dear qinaide "You asshole ! laugh~ jkjk~ Last long with ken eh ! i want attend your wedding hor -wink~*- and to ken ! you dare bully her you try ! i make sure you no father day ! -evil laugh~~~*-" Cheers to our sistership yea ! ♥♥♥

This super chio babe over here is my 10 years sister ! The siao zha bo that pei me since peri 2 up till now ! Never will find a good sister that last up to so long and still as close as ever will you ? Her words and action never fail to make me laugh till tears drops and never once he make me feel hopeless cause she's alway there to back me up and tell me what to do :D Thank szb :x And i want this sistership between us to continue till we old !! :D And lastly last long with you boy!! ♥♥♥

Pictures of us :D

On your most left side is my sweet Huiluan aka as my 135 sex-partner ! And right side is my cutie germaine aka couple-heart !They have been next to me since sec 2 and count by now is 3 yrs of timing eh ! This two lovly is always there to cheer me up when im feeling low (: and without them life will be so colourless ! why ? Cause they alway make me laugh ! And those crazy time with them is so the fun, Fun, FUN! :D Cheer of our sistership and gan family. i love you guys much !

Solo pic with 135 !
Solo pic with couple-heart
the 3 wonder girls !! AHAHAHA~

And not forgetting those who play parts in my life like. Wenkai, Kaihui, Felicia, Augustine, Billy, Miki, vivienne, Kungeng, Johnson, quanlong and many others more ! Alought we mind not as close as before or just starting to get close, i just want you guys to knpow. Im happy to have you all in my life and i wish and hope you guy have a better year in 2012 !
Well, i hope you guys enjoy my long and naggy post! See you around in 2012 ! TATA :D

with love-;

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Happy first mthsary with my dearest boy ♥♥♥

Let me be the one that brighten up your everyday life and be the reasons you always smile (:
I love you (hearts~*)

Monday, 26 December 2011

xiaovass: You make me smile for no reason whatsoever, You make me laugh at the unfunniest things, But most of all, you make me love you.

Hihi! Christmas had passed ! How you enjoy your's ? And did you get tons of present? I got 2 and i din't sent out a single one. HAHAH! was busy with chalets stuffs and dint even have time to prepare for x'max :o And and 3 more days is me and boyf first mthsary ! Damn god i havent plan hao what to get ): HOW HOW ?! (head crake~*)

Anyway ! I spend my x'mas with my dearest boyf ! Woke up, bath, reached tm at 5. Meet up with boyf and his friend, chatchit and bus to Plaza sing for movie. Had our dinner first and follow by movie at 945. trained home and i sleep at 6plus in the morning ! Damn god ~ i want to sleep somemore but mum drap me out cause having spring cleaning today.! But im here using com :P

with my boyf :D

Left- boy self taken (laugh~) and righty with his friends . (fuxiang act a cam shy la :P)

Sunday, 25 December 2011

When out with teresa sis on 21th (: Such a cute babe :D

Chalet on 23-24th. (smile~*)

Meet Johnson on x'mas eve. Shop and he bought me KOI ! hehe~

Merry Christmas to everyone !!! Hope you guys enjoy your x'mas with your family and love one ^^ Goodnight and be save :D

Sunday, 18 December 2011

xiaovass: 这是我的爱,收下吧。这是我的心,别打碎了。这是我的手,握好了。我们一起,永远永远。

Back to posting. Omg~ X'mas is next next week ! Can't wait ^^ Yet how i wish singapore can snow, hmmmm.... Don't i look great ? All white and pure (: love max! hahaha... Anyway, when out to tm meet my dearest :D havent see him like 3 days? miss die him ! When for movie and dinner lastly homed ! Kinda sleepy now, cause woke up 10plus in the morning to have breakfast cum lunch with parent. Its like mths since i last when eating with them :o And dad bought me strawberries ! (Y)

Saw this group of children singing x'mas songs. Cute ttm (:

Thursday, 15 December 2011

xiaovass: It's nice to have someone in your life who can make you smile even when they're not around :)

A great big Thankyou to those had wished me happy birthday through facebook, twitter and textes ! :D And not forgetting to those who got me presents, boyf, celina, teresa, augustine, johnson with much love guys ! ^^ Im so looking forwards to next yea birthday ! It will be my 18th birthday that falls on 12 Dec 2012 = 12/12/12 ! Like cool or what ? hahaha....
When Kpox with celina,huiluan and germain on my bday, (: its girls world! sing sang, song till 4plus wen to to town to grap our dinner and off to Tm for movie. Boyf came after he ends work and got me flowers and present. How sweet of him ! (L) Till 3 plus boyf leave my hse and im off to bed with smiles (:

Pictures tooken on that day! Enjoys~

What boyf got for my presents (: Love die him ! (The lettle he type is abit wrong, can you spot it ?)

Hl is too into her singing world :b

Snap snap (:

Yst 14Dec when out with boyf to bugis, shop and grap snap to bite along the way :D Till 5plus his bro came contiune shop :x

Zilian abit before heading out to meet boyf :b

Check out this 2 cutie ! How cute can it be !? OMG~

Cam with boyf, he's such a sweetie :D

Solo pic of boyf and me (wink~*)

Alright~ im done ! :D BYES~