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Sunday, 30 September 2012

My Saturday

Happy 10th month with my beloved boy ! You're simply my everything. 2 more month to our first anni and im so looking for it. I want a big big present ok ! xDD I love you so much darling boy 

Spend my mth-sary with my boy yesterday running places to places. Home > Holland v to collect my night work stuffs from John and had some photo shoot fun before leaving xD Dinner at clark quey and off to  Pangaea for work. 

Had dinner at this Italian restaurant. Cheap max everyone should try ! Well, their serving look kinda bored but the food is yummy !

Night working at Pangaea as Roman statues model. Artiest spend 2 hrs to painted 8 of us white and draw line all over our body. Yet we spend only hrs on working. HA ! so fun to scared those guest as they though we were fake and one of the guy even got nipple lick !! Ended work and got body clean up at 4plus, off to bugis LAN shop to find my boy. And both of us slept at 7.30AM. Lastly Thanks john for checking up on me during work making sure im ok, helping me to clean those painting off my hands and legs, and sent me to bugis (:

Tired saturday so today nua to boyf hse. N level tml, good luck to those taking to me ass well. Night all ! And oh yea Happy lantern festival to all ! Enjoy eating mooncakes and having fun with paper lanterns :D

xoxo' (kisses~*)

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