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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Our love never end

 Happy officially 1 year anniversary with my boy ! It's a not long yet not short time and through out this one whole year thanks for staying by my side and doting me so much. I love you so much. 把你的手给我,我们一起走到最后, 我们要一辈子这样开开心心的过 

 Ootd for yst as we celebrated advance anni due to dear having school today. Met him at City hall mrt and make our way down to Ion for dinner then catch twilight for our movie.

 Had our dinner at Watami and while waiting for your food to be serve we open our present we got for each other.

Thanks my sweetie to get me the cute panda that will glow light and every time i press it it will say 'happy 1 yr anni baby, i love you' And the simple yet sweet book of picture. (L) I got him a card and a belt, the old one was rotten till can not rotten anymore ! And he's so lazy to get a new one. Mom said i want tied him forever so i got a belt HA !

 Had a meal for 2 pax but none of us could finish. They included each a main dish, a hot pot, salad,  tampura, sashimi and 2 drinks. Total cost of 59buck was real worth but not for 2 pax, 3 maybe.




smile ~

i love the panda so much! now i can hear my dear voice even without him next to me (v)

Cutest part is it glow ! 

 Rainbow panda(L)

Shall updated again soon. Tata~!

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