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Friday, 9 November 2012

Best model Singapore 2012

Short update on yst before i head out shooting with ian and others. So looking forward ! Its going to be a totally different shooting from my others pictures so stay tune alright ! (:

Head over to Halland v for a lingerie shoot before making our way down to Zouk  

Best model Singapore 1212. Pretty babes & hunks ! omg~

 First they have Fashion runway follow by swimwear and lastly format wear.

 Check out that abs ! (screaming~)

 Ehhh~~~ sexy lady ~~

 Im so glad that the winner for male it's the first on the right (the one holding sunglasses on his hand) He so hot ! and when he smile, melt !

 And the ladies in the sexy bikinis. woohoo~

Reach home closing to 12, Enjoyed my day but its really tired for me to stand 3 hrs on heels just to see the runway. They should put chairs ! well that will be lesser peoples hmm~

 And i meet this cute babe at Zouk yst night. Same name as me and its her bday yst ! Happy birthday sweetie (L) Its nice knowing you (:

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