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Monday, 19 November 2012

Shine like a Diamond

Have been a bad week for me since last week till now. Was down with flu follow by fever, and now cough and heavy head. Hate the weather closing to year end. Many people tents to get sick. Take care everyone (L)

 Sweet boyfriend cooked me ham and egg after my fever was down as promised. Although it's a simple dish but what matter is the heart.

 Out with dear on 17 Nov to marina square, i have no idea why we go over as well. HA~

 Ootd. A simple gray mid length tank top from Cotten on.

 Dinner at MOF while waiting of kok to end work. Had my chicken hot plate with steam rice yummy~

 I was playful enough to ask dear help me take this shot. I love pre x'mas display !

 Dinner at Xing wang cafe with dear and Aaron on 18Nov. Was so full after late lunch at 4 i cant eat any main course without puking out. Had bun instead ! But still~ very the full loh T.T Was happy that ended my day with 2 tops for 15 buck at scape fleat market.

 Bought Tricia for a shoot today at hollandV. Snap a shot with this bling bling rabbit ears. How cute !

Drove pass orchard with John to see the lighting and making plans for tml night out door shoot. Spot me at orchard alright ! BYEBYE~ xoxo~`

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