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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Clear the emptiness

 Shall update something before my blog starting to die off. Feeling lazy to maintain a blog but some how it helps to kill time so oh well~ lazy me.

4th nov- Catch movie with dear and lucky us that we have enough time to grab our dinner first.

6th nov- Have been raining almost everyday and mostly i have to bring umbrella along, like i said im a lazy person. Head off to bugis with John and ming for a big shopping spree. Im so glad its paid by john ahahahah !

 Chill at Coffee bean with double chocolate by ming while waiting my boy to off school. Plan was ruin cause the sky park dont allow photographing. What a waste (sad face)

My boy is off from school today so it's a perfect date day for us. Light make up for today and i worn high waist pant out, i feel and look funny due to my long hips. Dint take ootd lazy.

 Dinner at Queensway's Ikea. Look at how much we ordered ! Surprisingly im able to finish. I love ikea food !

Had this strawberry cream puff cake as my dessert. Love it !

Im done here and shall go bed now, eye bag and circle would't let me off ): Goodnight ! xoxo`~

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