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Monday, 3 December 2012

Stop the time.

 Finally recover from all my sickness but some how i think i had loosen some weight. My top and pants seem getting bigger or rather is i getting skinnier. As long as my boobs don't go down im more happy enough LOL~

 Able to handle shoot more and really have to take up more if not im broke. Money hard to earn but easy to spent.

 Had a bike shoot on 1 Dec. Was really cool and fun although it was real hot that day. looking forward for another one !

 With Mel the MUA of the day :D

 Along with Dear we meet this pig bestie of mine. It had been mths since we last met !

A chilling Sunday with fruity cocktails with the love of my life.

I ate his strawberry (v)

I hate growing up. i enjoy my childish life and i don't want to end it with work and fight for living. Please stop the time.

Umi sushi with dear before heading home. (L)

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