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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Green for peace

Sup ! Updating my blog at boyf hse after awaken from my 2h nappy, its a stay home sunday ! Dont know its a lazy day or im falling sick soon, lack of energy to do things yawns~

9th Nov had my virgin natural shoot with Ian and his friends. Weather beening a bitch firsty and we have wait a long time before it staop raining. Thanks to Ian and his friend for the lovly photos. Tried new things and whats more can you ask from when its your friend shooting you ? No stress, no hursh, just fun and laughter (:

Continue scolling down for more pictures.

 Check out my facebook for more pictures (v)

 Had a short meet up with Teresa after movie 'Ah boy to men' with dear on the same day. Its a must watch movie !!

 I love her so much ! My 10 yr sister ship bestie (L)

 10Th nov Head over to Kenji's hse for his birthday celebration.

 The family photo. Ps that my picture turn out to be blurry ):
 Some one got cheated on the first present thinking its ps3 end up its all his school notes xD

 Bday boy and boyf
 Bday boy and me. (i look crap here)

 While opening his present ~

 Here you have the dad holding the cake and sand bday songs. He's dad is so cute !! and yes i said CUTE !

Our birthday boy . Cheer (Y)

Shall update soon. BYEs ~ xoxo'~

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