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Sunday, 4 November 2012

The fun us

Ootd on 2Nov. Got this sexy cross back dress at Bugis street days before and it only cost $12. Who say cant dress pretty and sexy at a low prize ! Well at least girl shop are much more cheaper than guys. For guys to dress nicely it mostly cost a bomb ! Lucky us :D

 Meet my sweetie boy to Plaza Sing for movie at first but time is too tight so hive a miss and get our dinner at pizza hut instead. Saw this super cute facial thingy walking around the mall so i grab the chance to take picture with it !  I know i have fat leg ):

 Shop around Daiso to get some stuffs and i never fail to stop at this corner where all the winter things are placed. I love the fluffy earplug so much ! But it's kinda a waste of money to get it, Singapore don't snow ): But over all can get if for fun. A cute picture of me and my lovely boy (:

Ended my day at boyf hse. Everything was so perfect till cramp start. FML~

Yun 21st birthday today. So many friend turning 21 when i haven't even 18. Tsk~  Putting that aside, Happy birthday yun ! MAy your wishes come true and last forever with your girlfriend ! :D

 Chalet at Pasir ris. Wait till cut cake over head home, cant stand the pain in my stomach its like im fainting anytime ! I hate cramp, well no one like it uhh.

Shall end this post with my 2 stupid face. Goodnight xoxo`~ Kisses :*

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