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Saturday, 1 September 2012

A touch up update since im able to use the net at home but overall im still dame piss off with my com. I have fast net but my PC is damn fucking slow ttm. Well just make it as my Pc is just way too old to support such a fast net --! Argh~! i need to buy a new full set of com ASAP ! and that's = to a huge sum of money. Someone please buy for me T.T Or anyone planning to change new desktop and your pc is still working perfectly please drop a text to me or comment on my facebook. Thankyou so much (:

Bugis extra update:

Ps about my hungry and stupid face. I'm way to hungry and i din't even notice sky snapshot me :/

Another 2 victim. left- yong han, right- javier

And heres the so caller pervert snapper aka Sky !

Friday chill:

Sheesha with boyf, sky, javier, jong han and his girlf on Friday night before heading overnight at boyf hse. Had this 'Apple cider' while the boys had whiskey with coke. For the cider trust me, it taste like china apple (soft drink) and it contain 4.9% can you believe it ?!

Random snap while javier playing the jump thingy.

End the day with lovely ice-cream ! yum~

Big feast ! by boyf's mom.

Ok im done, cramp is hurting me like a mother fucker bitch ! I hate it, make me feel like a zombie ): And i feel so bad cause boyf was trying to make me smile with jokes and hugs but all i did is just look at him and putting a real short smile. Im so sorry sweetie, im really happy you did those to me but just that i really don't have the energy to talk much. i love you boyf (L)

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Much love :-*

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