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Monday, 10 September 2012

Shoots w Lulu & vivo w my boy !

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

Before i start blogging im going to thanks reader for viewing my blog(: I had 922 views for the start of this month and it's still growing. Sorry for not keeping my blog updating often but for every of my post i will put in effort to and it's a promise (: Continue viewing my blog and support me alright ! Thankyou to all and haters ? im sorry cause i have no time for you. (peace Y)

Its photo story time~~~

Had shoots at Studio M hotel with Lulu and this 2 is a peek of my solo Pic. For people have been asking 'Don't people from outside will be able to see what i worn ?!' Relax my friends~ The window are those kind you can see in so we are safe (:

With Lulu. How cute can she be! Hit off well with her and not saying how much fun we had during the shoots :D For more of our picture stay tune to my blog or facebook ok.

Self taken with John's cam. Picture by lulu

Boyf is sweet enough to bring me out for breakfast on my second day of shoot. Well~ he had to cause he promise to accompany on the first shooting day but he dint ! Oh well, at least he did on the second day HA !

Indoor shoot for an hr and off to clarke quay for outdoor shoots. End at 4 plus and after 2 days of shooting im dying to get tons of rest. Phew~!

Fun shoot !

Woke up at 2 plus in the noon and drag myself out off bed while boyf had started playing his games early in the morning. Yea, i sound like a pig tsk.

Head off to Vivo city for dinner. Just check out the view of the sky park, how pretty can it be ! And the sky, this pink line form by clouds and sunset light just look like a crake from heaven and angels are peeking down on earth.

While waiting for our food my boy smile at me so i 'SNAP!'

Dinner serve ! All set meal are so huge that me and boyf can't finish. Well never though the food would be nice just giving it a try and it turn out it's hell delicious ! And the pricing is affordable as well. Sadly i forgotten the name. Promise to snap the name down next time i go again (:

Shop around after dinner before we got ben & jerry as dessert. Strawberry chess cake for me ! All time favorite (wink~*)

Shall end this post with the pic of me and my lovely boy. I will marry you someday, i swear ♥

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Goodnight and see you guys soon ! (L)

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