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Friday, 28 September 2012

School life

Shall have a post before my blog start collecting webs again. And today i would like to take about my sec school life. N level next week and i have totally no idea how bad it could be. I remember when younger i used to be very scare of exams and always thinks what if i din't do well ? what if i make mistake and how will mom scold me if i din't do well. 

Now looking back, i sure done super badly during school. I changed alot, i used to wear long school skirt with glasses, used to be top 2nd in class and used to be a prefect ! And later by then i start to change, shorter and shorter skirt, lens and carries small bag/file to school. Start not doing home works and skip classes. Well, i guess most of you guys will be 'chey~ i also do that' right ? Laugh~ But to be frank i really miss those days, when you run and hide from teachers while skipping classes with friends, sleep in class, shout in class and crake jokes during recess. After school went for lunch and sit under block chilling. Those are the wonderful time i had durning my sec school life. What about you ?

Bough this pretty nail polish at cine from beadstreet and as you know they sell super cheap stuffs like 'handphone covers, ear rings, funny shades' and of cause nail polish ! Its on sale 1 for $2.50 and buy 1 get 1 free ! So what does it mean you know ? 2 for $2.50 ! Hurry down and grab those fancy colour :D

My nail colour for the week. Milk tea brown with silver glitters. i love shinny stuffs, don't cha~? (L)

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