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Friday, 7 September 2012

Sneck peek of my shoots

What if we woke up, as a baby, and our whole life had been a dream?

Havent been sleeping well this days and my eye bag and dark circles are getting worst. God i need tons and tons of my beauty sleep back ! Taken half of my N level this week and i hope things will go well. I did my best so yea~

Haven been photo shooting this week and there's another one tml with Lulu, cant wait to work with her and hope it all turns out well. God bless me (v)

Sneck peek of the shoots-

Second time shooting with this lovely huge bear and im much more happy this time round shoots. everything turns out pretty well and im not as crap as the first few shoots.

2 of my fav, the 'im flying' and 'im sweet looking' pic HAHA!

We ended the shoots at mindnight 3 plus am and i went home> bath > slept lesst than 2 hrs and off i rush to my el exam. Have you even heard before zombie taking exam ? Well that's me LOL

After exam went over to meet boyf at Tm and saw this 3 lovely cuties bunny. I want them all ! OMG~ Its so fluzzy im gong to die xDD

Shall end my post now hope you enjoy this post and Pic will be out soon so stay tune for my next post will ya ?

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