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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sexy or Cute ?

Sometimes good things need to end, for better things to begin

Poor boy of mine is sick since Friday and i hope he's feeling better now. Busy with shooting for the pass 3 days and my eyes really need a good rest. Seeing too my flash and my eyes feels like its burning ! ):

Lately post is full of shooting pictures and today~ well, still the same HA! And for some people out there who don't know yet, I don't shoot nude. What's the point of shooting in nude when you already can make people think you're not wearing any thing ? The only different is you're between both is you're naked in front of your photographer for shooting nude. And worst is you can't display out your shoot and you have to bare with outsider saying you this and that. Unless you're shooting porn if not never shoot nude ladies. Love your body not showing all skins.

Kfc breakfast with le boy after he visit doctor early in the morning.

Head off to Kenji's hse for small gathering with boyf, Cookies made by Huishan and order pizza for dinner.

Talking about cuteness, Gigi won the first prize.

Early birthday celebration for Kelvin with others at Tm on Sat night. This dinner satisfied my long time craving of chili crabs. (Y) (sadly the crab is not i the pic)

Had mask and hats shooting on Sunday.

Only took the pic of mask forgotten hats, ops !

Short preview of outdoor shoots. Its like another side of me. Hmmm~

Midnight shoot and order mac to stop our hungry tummy.

Before shooting life i wanted those sweet and cute kind looks but after start modeling i relies mostly of my pictures turn out to be hot and sexy way. Was disappointed even up to now.

All shooting pictures created by - John Seah.

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Byes ! (L)

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