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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I would love to watch sunset and count the stars at night with you.

Happy 9th mth with my dearest boy !

He's the one that bring smile and laughter into my life.
He's the one that bring so much joy and fun in my life.
He's the one who teach me to be strong on weakest point.
He's the one that teach me how to take mrt.
He's the one that make me fat after attached.
He's the one that make silly face to see my smile.
He's the one that joke around and fools around.
He's the one that say 'i love you' in many different ways everyday.
He's the one i wanna marry and have kids.
He's the one and only one i love Darren Csh.
Hey my love, you belong to ME :-*

Tks yong han for the full body pic (:

Soup spoon for lunch (V) Pool for the guys and QQ noodle for dinner. Had a wonderful day spend with Boyf, Sky, javier, yong han and xiao di at bugis. (pointing up^ picture with sky :)

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