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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Live love, love life, and enjoy the moment.

A short update on blog since im waiting for boyfriend to bath and off to sleep, and yea its about shooting and more shooting !

During the shoot, my photographer is behind me trying to make the dress look as tight at possible to see my body shape. and yea, im too skinny -.-! Was ask to put on some weight but those fat always went up to my cheek and down to my tummy instead of the right place. tsk~ small boobies i hate you ):

Was having lots of fun during the shoot and best of all my dear is beside me all the way being my maid HAHA~! End the shoot with some couple shoot with my dear, some one is cam shy cause he look so red and stiff ! And yea, he's wearing his ite U.

Get naked !!

LOL~ joking, we're not kea ! FYI im weaing nude bra (wink~*) And dear, you need some wokr out, just look at those fats !!! HAHAHA~~~ ops !

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