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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Sleep, hugs, kisses, love, friends, family, memories, smiles, laughter and fun, the best things in life are free (:

A short update before heading out for movie with my love. Catching 'The four' later at town, can't wait !! Have been staying over boyf hse for nearly a week and of cause boyf and his mom just keep feeding me food and more food ! Omg~ sure gain alot weight if continue like this !! (scream~*)

Photo shoot pictures are out, only posted some on blog and the rest is on facebook (:

Look in to my eyes and say you love me.

Im trying tolook as sexy as i could but looks like it fail. faint~*

Red is the sex yo !

This 2 is my fav ! Boyf is then really upper body naked, HAHAHA !!

Hope your guys enjoys this post !

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