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Monday, 30 July 2012

I wanna grow old with you (:

Happy 8th month darling boy, you know i love you a lot a lot uh (wink~*)

Hello readers ! Dint you miss me? Let me start this post with my face ! :D Super glad that my com dint be a bitch for not able to upload my pictures(:

A peek of my bikini shoots hope the picture will be out by this week. Stay tune alright !

Have been staying over boyf's hse since Friday and yea, he's like a small kid at home HAHA! well i guess most of us do uh. And im a good girlfriend for helping him lay and pack his bed, im a wife to-be ! (shy~*)

When over to celina's 18 birthday on Sat.

And yea this babe of mine is having problems cutting the cakes just like last year. laugh~

Such a sweet and cute looking couple (: Happy birthday qinaide ! and last long long long (L)

And oh yea~! Here's the main topic for the chalet, anyone see before using chopstick eating cakes? if not, here's a sample of my boyf pose. Due to they forgotten to buy spoon we used chopsticks and yea the whole chalet people was like 'i can't stop laughing~!'

Silly boyf of mine can't stop show me his stupid face !

Make a guess, who's this ! :D

Stay tune on my next post ! I know you miss me xD

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