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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

There aren't ugly girls. It's society that's ugly.

OPPA GANGNAM STYLE !! Alright, i bet most of the people have been hearing this song tons and tons of time around.

Say hi to my face ! What's my blog without my pictures right ? Laugh~ Don't get bored, continue reading !

Check out this 3 lovely cupcakes boyf got from Bugis ! Its so cute right ? But its like super ex, 3 for $9.50 and it taste normal don't think its really worth but you guys can give it a try. Many different kind to choose ! Located @ Bugis Junction Basement just next to Soup spoon.

My boy (L)

Dinner with my dear. Best of best Japaness food, my fav ^^

My fav tofu !!! and sushis yummy !

Ain't the cute like hell ! Just one, one of them be my pet will be be over joy !! Pleaseeee~~~

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