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Saturday, 25 August 2012

You're everything I want, and that's what scares me.

Havent been updating blog due to i cant connet my phone to boyf's lappy and my internet was down till Yst. Currently at boyf hse so choose to use his lappy to make a short update. Ps full of my face as i played with his web cam ^^v

Im trying to be sexy in the first pic and cute in another one. But sadly its blur ):




Muack :-*

Went over to brandon 21th bday at Sentosa Island.

Check out the bday boy in the middlen ! Everyone start joking that he's having firt day instead of bday. Laugh~!

And here's a snap of the bday cake. Both pic from Marrk*

See you guys on next post ! Follow my twitter @https://twitter.com/foxyykiss Kisses*:

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