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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Beware that this post is full of my face ! (: I know you guy miss me so yea, here i'm to post my picture to cure your missing. HAHAHA ~ ok im getting more and more bhb xD

I rather to choose to be blind if i cant see your face.

And i rather not to speck if its not you talking to me.

I'm a vain pot but who cares ? Which girls don't want to be pretty ? So guys stop saying you don't go for looks or like girls without make up its all bullshit. Well unless the girl's make up is like ewww kind~?

And lastly to all ladies out there, you're beautiful ! And smile, it bring up your face value (:

Ok enough of my face now lets take a look at a new member of celina's family.

TATAAA~~~ Say hi to this white furry rabbit !! Its so cute right ?

OMG~ its so fluffy, i'm going to dieeee~ Crap that xD

Boyfriend cut his hair at last, such a handsome boy for mine (L)

Silly boy of mine ! Sorry to cried on that night and made you feel sad and worried. I'm just scared that you will leave me )': But thanks to those hugs and pat you given me making me feel so much better (: I love you darling and i never wanna you to leave or i leave or whatever. We both don't leave okay ? ^^

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