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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

xiaovass:We will meet a lot of people in our life time, but as for our soul mate, it has already been determined by fate.

Vass is proudly to say Im Attached (wink~) Pointing up ^
29Nov2011, 0600' iloveyou~ (blush~*~)

As normal, im lazy to type so pictures shall do most of the talking (: ENJOY ~! :D

Wait wait ! let me zilian abit :b (if not i oso not much to post :o)

OK~ Back to topic. Homed at 12plus pm, When to get my len. My poor len crake T.T Dont ask me why !! Get blur ! but when i worn turn out to be green. -.-! I thought i colour blind sia ! LOL~ Anyway~ Home, bathe com and meet Huiluan ,Wenkai and boyf. See doctor before when to Cini with my dearest !

Snap snap with my boy (L)

Oh ya ! my new len (:

Blar blar blar ~~~~

And ofcos ! Dinner @ Hoshi (:

After dinner,down to Tm movie with celina and ken. and lastly! Im HOMED ! OK im done. Off to watch show BYES :D

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