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Friday, 18 November 2011

xiaovass: 男人等不了,却时常说“等你一辈子”,女人等不起,却等了一辈子

Hey party people ! Im back to posting ^^ Miss me ? yea yea ?? alright, im abit hight :b When down to Ph yst night with my babe and friends ! Enjoyed the whold night dancing and singing ! Like Fun ttm only, i think im in love with clubbing ! AHahahah! Pic spam ! :D Enjoy (:

See the diffent between last time huiluan and now? She look chio ttm, all tks to me.! hahahah! Way to go babe !

Solo pic for me by 135! i look abit guai guai de ;O

My pretty 135 ! (L)

With ian (:

Club and dancing ! ^^v

Lovly (L)

passer-by: Hi! can i know how to change blogskin and puttin te links on to the blog? thank you
xiaovass: go to the html ! quite complicated you can ask you blogger friend help you with that (:

Miki: TAG with lots of love
Miki: Everything now is taking of yourself and be more happy! You deserve it!
xiaovass: Tks babe! (L)

Miki: Aaaawww ): dun be sad pretty, you will find a better guy soon, I promise!
xiaovass: awww~ how nice of you (: Tks pretty !

Raymond: hey noob hellO!!!

xiaovass: Noob you head ! :@

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