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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I have so many reason to cry and breakdown yet im still standing here holding on my tears. What's wrong with me ? Im a normal girl just like others, i need love and care too, but why am i staying strong by myself not letting others see my tears and sadness? Why am i such a fool to continue like this? Others say its hard to see my cry, but the fact is it's not hard, its just rare. I dont cry easily, even i feel like i will laugh out loud and all tears will roll back. I hate stay at home cause i hate being in a room with nothing else. I ton all most every night cause i'm scare of being alone. i have a weak mindset and heart, it just all protected yet it will still hurt you know?

By wk:
hey just remember the difference in loving someone and being love is that the person giving out more is the person that work more and learn more even if it dosent work out you learned and grow through out these pain

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