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Friday, 9 December 2011

xiaovass: Life is not just waiting for someone who is made for you. But life is living for someone, who lives because of YOU

Shall have a short update of picture (:

Hey people ! Do try this chocolate ! Its rox ttm :D even my mom say its nice! haha.. 3 different favours, i choose strawberry ! Still got green tea ! and dark chocolate (:
i love the box colour*

The inside and outside ! (ps i bite till very unglam:b)

Zilian abit (wink~*) left side- i got bored at work so draw the thingy and cam with it. haha!

When to Pasir ris to make my e-zlink card and had my lunch there with my boy @ 1plus.

My cute little sweet boyf ♥.♥

I totally love the brightness and colouring of the pic outcome! (i dint edit pic. thankyou~:)

When over to Ion @3 plus to look for boyf shoes end up become he but dress for me. laugh ttm!

Half way bought this a mango roll to muach~ Had so much laugh in the shop (L)

Tatennn~ :b

Shop around and when to Far east contiune shop again.. walk till dame tired ! waited for Huiluan and gremaine to come and when to Hoshi for dinner! Si 2 girls eaten liaon dint tell me, hai wo still thought can go eat tgh ! rawr~

Cam with my 2 girls (:

Solo pic with my 135 sex-partner ! hehe

Solo pic with my couple-heart (:

After dinner boyf trying to make that thingy in to a heart shape on th ice-cream but sadly he fail to. HAHA! Awy~ how sweet right? (wink~*)

I think that night before boyf totally lack of sleep and he's so hper during dinner time. me and my 2 babe just cant stop laughing at him!! right both of you !? He so cute ! hahahah~ love him ttm (shy~)

Just look at this pic , can you dont laugh ?? I cant !! hahaha... And ohyea ! he took it himself !! Can see how crazy he is at that very timing uhh ? laugh ttm~

Alright ! im done now, i said short post end up so long. HAHAH! Goodnight and be safe everyone (: WAN AN ^^

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