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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Every relationships have to add in trust.

A short update for yesterday (: Start and end my photo shooting from 5plus - 9plus . Back bone and legs ache like hell, now i know photo shooting don't look as easy as it seems like !! I always though that you just have know how to pose + smile and everything will be fine but ended up i don't even know how to pose and where to look ! Lucky photographer is there to guide me through out the whole shoots and i learn number of new things from his models too ! And thanks much to dear for accompany me the whole day (L)

A peek of the studio. Pictures will be out next week, i dont thinks its nice cause i was ask not to smile while shooting so most of my face is like ._. this AHAHAH! Buut i enjoy it cause its first time for me !

Try and spot my dimple ! hahah~ ok im lame care me none :x

I smile because i have you but i will never want to cry cause that's the day i lose you.

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