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Thursday, 12 July 2012

At the end of the day, memories are all that matter. things fade away, people change, but memories will live on forever.

Go school on wed and half way i was sent home due to using phone--! I was asked to hand over my phone for a week ! and that's = Hell No way man~! school you mad ? Pity much i have been going school less than 5 days in 2 weeks and 1 more month to N lever. Good luck everyone taking exam (: Anyway its Friday the 13th today (scream~) i hope nothing goes wrong for today hmm~

Meet dearest on Sunday and had Alston for lunch ! Delicious much but sadly i can't finish as usual 70% eaten only. Well you can blame me since i have a small tummy, i tent to trow everything out once i eaten too full. Tsk~

Pointing up^ just look at my poor crig after i asked dear to keep for me. Flat like a roti-prata and cute boy of mine can't stop laughing every time i took it out !!
Meet up with His bro and the girlf over at Far east before heading to Cine meet Peixiang for dinner. Worst of the worst saw a guy that i hate much, ARGH~ totally spoiled my perfect mood for the day.Someone really need a huge HI-5 with a chair on their face --!

Sometimes, all you need to do is sit back, turn up the music, and relax. Play hard while you're young but of cause please don't hurt anyone uh (:

Have been working since Tue to Thur and my bus broke down when i was rushing to work on Tue, talking about suay-ness. Tsk~

Bought by working friend. Yunyum :D

Watching Ice-age with dear later (since it's pass 12am) Wait for my next post and Goddnight readers (:

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