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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Find someone worth your tears, worth your laughter, worth your heart and loves you as much as you love them

Having problem with uploading pictures to blogger nowadays. Damn piss off after spending almost an hr to upload just a few while the others hang ARGH~!
Photo shoot pic is out! I only post this out cause i cant upload the rest!! soooo~ im sorry, Do go to my facebook and see the rest ! Yea i know i look wired without smiling HAHA~! my first shoot goes well (not the picture outcome) Hope my next shoot will be better! cheer~*

Have been meeting boyfriend since friday will end of weekends(: Seoul Garden with Dear on Sat night before head to bugis street to get my heels and bikini ! Super full dinner and super joke dear cant stop his silliness. With him just by my side it simply made my day so much happier (:

Even with such a heavy dinner, we still head to get dim some at midnight ! Cab to dear hse over night and Tadandan~dan~~ My first lunch and meeting with his parent !!! I so nervous and scare i will did something wrong that his parent don't like but luckily everything when well and his parent are quite friendly (Phew~:)

Bathe and to Vivo after 6 for dinner at Brotzeit with my boy and after dinner ice cream !!! Ben and jerry yumyum~ Have been eating a lot this days and my tummy is forming shape out scream* Have to work out before my next shoot if not my tummy will ruin every photo taken god !

Shall end here, wait for my next post readers ! Goodnight :D

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