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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vassthy: I love you. More than you could ever imagine. ♥

Happy 7th mth with my dearest boy ! Weee~ time passed so fast in a blink of eyes we have been tgh for 7 mths. I love you babyboy (hugs~*) falling in love is the 2nd best thing that happen to me and love by you is the best damn thing ever. Stay forever and walk the long road with me alright ? I love you ♥♥♥

Zilian abit with my Cam before heading out to meet my boy! Havent been using it for mths and it turn dusty ): I wanna buy Dslr so badly ! Save money! save money! so i could get a laptop end of this year. hmm~

Meet up with my love 4 at City hall head down to town for lunch and shop around. Had Japanese food at Isatan ^pointing up^ my miso ramen yummy~!

Saw this super cute dog outside Isatan. The fur is like so cute and fluffy ttm making me wanna have a dog too ! Sadly parent is NO-animals in the house kind )': && Super thanks my boy for getting me the iphone cover @ cine. (L)
Fuxiang join us after 6 and heading to eunos with dear at 10plus, chill and chat with him till 11, off home at 11plus.

Not forgetting to cam with baby ! :DD And this 'Ai mei' boy still at there style his hair first before taking pic. Tsktsk~ *ps of my cheeky face*

Alright ! im done. This post took me 1 hr cause i having hard time upload the pictures --! Stay tune for my nest post and follow my twitter @ https://twitter.com/blacklipskiss and Imstagram @ vassthy :DD

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