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Monday, 18 June 2012

Vassthy: A family is something that last forever. So treasure it (:

Happy Father's Day ! Ok~ i know i late by one day but who cares?! Its father's day everyday if your dad is with you huh huh (:

Here's out male lead, my dad! Although he always nag not stop and bad temper but he's always there to be my ATM ! ahha joke~ When i have school, he will everyday wake me up at 6 and make breakfast for me when i wash up and also get my school U ready on my bed (: Thank daddy !

Bring my family go for dinner yst and hell god i eat the lesser thanks to Johnson gong cha . im too full !

Meet up with germaine at TM before meet parent go eat. See you on 21th couple heart ! :DD

Worn my new top from scape yst. Love it :D

Stay tune for my next post yea ! byeeeeee~ (kissies~*)

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