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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Vassthy: You've given me reasons to smile and good times to laugh about, but most of all you've given me memories I could never forget.

Oh gosh~ i feel like eating ice-cream at this timing so badly )': But sadly my hse dont have tsk~ Such an unlucky and careless day for me today. Hurt my shoulder while climbing stairs up the bus as the driver drive like F1! Forgot to lock the front door when i came home and slip while bathing and hit the shelf of shampoos. What's in the world is wrong with me !? But thanks god there's something im happy about. And that is~~~ Huishan is coming over my work place working with me ! CANT WAIT ! (#^^#)

Meet up with Johnson the bestie for mine to bugis on Sat! Thanks for the treat of lunch and a big pack of sweets ^^ Yummy :D

Solo pictures for both of us (: and just look at him, he's so happy of his new top (laugh~)

Meet up with Calver for lunch today at TM, how nice of him still remember me hahah! Dint take pic with as im soooo lazy :o pretty boy right ? (he's still single oh! wink~*)

Sweet boyf came down to Tm and meet me for dinner as well as his brothes at 6. and im home at 930! even mom was shock that i reach home so early, wanna go club avatra so badly as there's event today but im not 18 yet ! Why my birthday so lateeeeeee~ even mom cant explain :/
Dear time please pass faster so i can turn 18 ASAP ! thankyou ^^

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