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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Vassthy: I want someone who love me, care for me and afraid of losing of me.

Blog to posting ! Have been working since Monday - Thursday, meet new friends and learn new things. Really enjoying my working except when kanna scold by those unreasonable people !

ANYWAY~~~ Hello my dear readers, hows your day ? As for me i enjoy myself much with dearest boyf :D Meet dear 3plus at Town, had hot tomato for lunch ! Yummy yummy and cold stone too ! everytime go out with boyf he sure never fail to fatten me de. TSK~ if one day i fat till 100kg he dare dont want me i sure chop him into 18 big parts !! Ok~ i feel so violent (lady like lady like*) Ehhem! just skip that part alright ?? xD

Old time cars display. They are all so niceeee~ Can i have one ? :x

When over to Old school meet boyf's friends. Had mango juice and i love the cherry! Oh~ before i forget, Good luck to Nick as he going army soon ! Jiayou ah ;D

Random pic~ i want more soft toys please !!

OK, shall end here then. Goodnight readers (:

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