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Friday, 22 June 2012

Vassthy: Keep smiling because life is such a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.

Ok lets vote, clip up fring or let it down ? alright~ im bored ): and worst of all im feeling hungry at this timing without fail on every single day. Tsk! Continue this way i will be fat Fat and FAT ! (faint)

Thanks my sweet boyfriend to get this strawberry cheese cookie cake for me at E-hub! (: love it so much ! and best of all the strawberry is in heart shape ! awww~

When over to chalet with boyf and his classmate at around 6plus although we meet at 3 haha! Pool for the guys and coldness for me T.T Im like turning into ice-stick at pool center even i worn sky's thick jacket ! brrr~ But best of the best the food over there are like WOOH! so much and yea, we cant finish!

Drinking seasons in the chalet rooms and something bad happened (shake head)

When to St.James Ph yesterday with Friends and worst of all i though i could enjoy my night over there however my sugar rush happen and all plan was ruined. Super piss off with myself and also feel so bad to those who take care of me and miss the fun inside. Im sooo sorry for those mess ):

Pictures taken with germaine and darly from my phone while others is at their phone and ian's cam!

Meet up with my love at Bugis today, had soup spoon! Looks like its going to be one of my another fav food soon hmm~ Fuxiang joined us at 6 and shop around.

Sweetheart bough me this as he promised! shall bring this 2 to work for tml ! Pray hard nth will happen )':

Done with my blog stay tune for my next post okkkkay ? Nighty night readears ! (L)

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