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Monday, 16 April 2012

Vassthy: Yes, I'm a girl. I get jealous sometimes, I push doors that say pull, I wish for love at 11:11 and when I say I love you, I'm not lying.

Cut my hair last week and now the front part looks like bangs ! (faint~) Super long hair turn till no de normal long hair, cut away tons of spilt-ends and those fuzzy parts. And now de me looks like xmm ! (cries~) NVM ! hair will grow de ^^

Meet up with Botak Johnson for lunch (forgotten which day) pssss~ he's booking in now. ahhahaa!

Got Bored and start playing with CamWow ! First pic : i look like ET~ Laugh~

Out with boyf, celina, fuxiang and 2 others at Ceni. 3 of them play bballs anddddd~ ofcos is my pro boyf win la. haah! celina came in 2nd and fuxiang last ! :b

Snap snap with my dear boy ^.^

FullStop ! i want sleeppppp~ ok byes !

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