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Monday, 23 April 2012

Vassthy: I want a man who promises me nothing but tries to give me everything.

It have been ages since i last edit my picture, pointing up^ I hope i dont look funny :x laugh~ Just check my blog view and it hit 4800++ view since start if the year. Drop alot but well, blogging nowadays is kinda bored. My pictures is more the words :x hahah! Ok~ back to topic.

Im enjoying my days with beloved boyf since Thursday till Sunday(: Ever since boyf start school we tent to meet on every thurs to sun. Who say in a r/s have to meet everyday ? Im enjoy what i had now ;D And of cos thanks to my dearest for making my everyday sweet and happy. I love you boy ! ♥♥♥

Out with my boy, celina and Mark yst 7plus at vivo. Had our lunch and shop around. And boyf is addicted to GongCha's plum green tea ! At first was yuck but after drink more its kinda nice you know, try it guys ! ;D Back to Eunos with boyf and smoke break with him. He's such a cutie, aww~ Home at 11plus. Poor boyf of mine is down with flu, take care baby ! huggies ♥

Pictures time ~~

I took it black and white but i dk why dk it turn out this colour ;O left- Am i too handsome for you ? (wink~)

Phone and cam, see the different ? TSk~ i want dslr ! )': save money (noted~*)

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