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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Happy 5th mth with my dearest boyfriend ! ♥♥♥

Hey my boy thanks for staying with me this few months and showing me lots of love and care. Your sweetness, cuteness & silliness make me laugh and smile without fail every single day! I'm not pretty or cute or rich like many girls out there but i have a lucky thing that happen to me is that you're my Boyfriend and yes I love you, a lot! I may not always reply your 'I love you' but deep in my heart you're always the best! you know that don't chu ^.< Walk down the road with me will you ? I would like to see you with white hair and teeth all gone yet still can make me laugh de look! HAHA~ and lasty Happy 5th mth-sary my love(: 我爱你!29'

NOTEs~ Pic spam, read on your own risk !! :DD (don't stop, you will miss the sexiness! 'wink~*)

Happy Belated 18th Birthday to my beloved Teresa 'sis ! She's 18th and yea the sexy and cute of godness ! Hell god im jealous like siao can, why is my bday at Dec~~~? why ?? you tell me WHY!!?? Ok cut it out back to topic please :x Anyway celebrated her bday at Ritz-Carlton
And it's a blast! Wondering what should i plan for my birthday, hmmm~ now chalet is out and more to hotel! Nice bday date --12/12/12 and its my 18th birthday some more! (crake head~*) Ps im always linking to others. Damn~

Yes, the cute girl wearing full black is the bday girl ! See how cute is she? ;D

Bday treat by the hotel, i see strawberries~ O.M.G

With teresa and jean (:

Not forgetting my boyfriend. i love him(shy~)

I like the 2nd pic cause 3 of us different expression! laugh~

Girls power !! Dont mess with us uh ? we can be real cute and sweet too ^.< hahah

Shall end the pictures with 2 nice group photos ! ;D

Had tons of fun, laughter and jokes on that day im sure everyone enjoying it uh (: One bad point is the room is full of smoke smells !! It's like in a thai pub (#smokekill) Home with boyf around 7plus, bath and sleep!

Got the chance to spend our 5th before and after 12am really overjoy me. I just love him! heehz~ ok shall stop here, a very long post for today. byes ! and hope you guys enjoys this post xDD

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