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Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy 19th birthday to that botak beside me. ^ Johnson Ng !

Hey Dumbass! 19th le, 1 more you and your age will start at no.2* and soon you will be old ! Wahahaha~ Faster end you probation after 1yr plus and i can jio you go club ! (wink~) And you know what ? Don't walk back those old roads and look forward for the bright future alright :D Stay happy and BOTAk forever !! Laugh~

Back to posting, shall cut as short as i could :x Im so lazy to type all out and i think one day i should just close down my blog sua -.-! Kk~ Back to topic, Meet up with Joseph at AMK early in the morning 8plus on 8thApril. Because we are having a surprise BBq for that dumbass ! And i still can remember how shock he's when me see me at there till his jaw was open for more than 5min xD hahaha~ Start our bbq at 10plus all the way till 5plus noon ! Was the longest bbq i ever had and also funniest one, the sun was so hot in the morning and all of us started to complainhot and sweaty yet it rain twice and all of us hide under the shelter and complain why rain :x So mafan right ! Alrigh enough wording and the rest shall let the pictures do the talking (Ps* dint take much with my cam the rest pic is with joseph dslr)

BBQ ! Tks to that pick shirt guy with the food and jokes ! really enjoy although it was the first time meeting them ;D

This white shirt guy cant stop the jokes and crap ! Just see what's trying to do with the hotdog ready to poke his backside !! :o

Sec time of raing and the guys bough in the chacKo and BBQ inside the shelter sua ! And the smoke hor ~~~ FOC one. In need of oxygen tank pls !!!

Just check out the smoke~ Ps just heck care the gay hug. hahah!

And at last after trying to heat up the fire they fail, All BBq under the rain with an umbrella. Poor guys :x

Ended the fun around 6 plus and bus back to AMK meet up with desmond and his brothers. Last time see them is at club shake. 3 weeks back! And home at 9 plus. The end ! BYES ;DD

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