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Monday, 10 October 2011

xiaovass: When a girl is in love, you can see it in her smile. When a boy is in love, you can see it in his eyes

Tml start working lorrr~~ After 2 weeks plus MC im ready to work ! Will be at Cs from 1030 - 4 ! Catch me there ohh ^^ Well lets talk about my pass 2 days. When out with Jin to far-east there, Shop around and dinner first before when to movie. Watch 'Real steel' rated 4/5! Super nice and cool ttm can~ i love the boxing robot, hahaha! After movie bus home, and there's a war 3 awiting for me -'-!

Bought this super big cotten candy at 1.50buck! Cheap and big ttm! (the shape is abit ... emm... :b)

Cam with Jin (: He so alike girl right ! :DD

Solo pic for him! (:

Today meet my dear Teresa'sis at 1plus to bugis! When for photo shooting first then SteamBoat for lunch cum dinner !! Super long time dint eat steamboat with her le, like more then 3-4mths le bar(?) We eat from 5-8! Super full you mei you ^^ I really dk when normal i eat very less but when come to steadboat i can eat like super alot, hours i mean ! AHAHA~ like a hugry ghost :b After eating = shopping time ! When shopping with her then home at 10plus!

Cam with my babe !

See! so many things right ? This is just the begaining~ We too busy eat dint take much pictures :P

2 solo pics for both of us (: Damn! i look so CUI and like a small little girl !

Raymond: i am here -DD
xiaovass: Im thereee~ hahah!

Miki: Sexyy and prettyy ^^~
xiaovass: Neh im not (:

wk: tagged nice blue dress =)
xiaovass: Tks (:

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