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Thursday, 13 October 2011

xiaovass: I just want his friends to look at me, and say, "Damn, you really screwed up letting her go." (:

SupSup !! All lovely humans :D Shall have a short update of my blog before it dieeeee :'O Alright~ let me recall back first, ........thinking in process ........ AH !
I have been working for the pass 2 days, Tue; start work at 1030 ended at 4pm. Meet sky'sweetheart at Tm drag him pei me go buy shoes. Due to my playfulness i keep jump and press my heels i broken the heels part-.-! Yea, pro right. I was like damn~! I bought this heels the day before work leh and not its spoiled. Will go repair asap, i dont want trow :b cause its damn nice, shall snapshot alright^^

Thur woken up at 1130, when to bathe and off to work at Far east plaza ! Raining cats and dogs made far east even colder._. like a freezer you mei you ! Reload and packed new stocks, my partner leaves at 4 and im alone till 9. Cries~ I cant use phone much but tks Jin raymond for peing meet texted the whole day End work at 930 off to my hse meet raymond under blk till 11 then billy came. Have chicken wings ! Yummy max~ Chat and sing songs ! That si billy force me to learn 'balloons' like so hard can ? (he cant even sing himself :b) Home at 1plus, com till 4 then Sleep :D

Today OFF ! (Y) But woke up at 9 plus when to see doctor, Althought i when to see doctor for my eye thingy yet i skip my Hsp check up :x After seeing doctor when to cut my hair ! The person when cut my hair she cut till my frings too short le la ! like side bang you mei you ! How i go out see ppl la T^T. When to get new lens and mom is so nice to pay for me ! Got a pink one Home, bath and now com ! Ok, im done here. what a wordy post right ! laugh~ BYE sweeties !TATA ~

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