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Sunday, 2 October 2011

xiaovass: 心是最大的骗子,别人能骗你一时,而它却会骗你一辈子。

Shall update abit of my blog, and dame godness ! my blog is full of dusts and spider webs ! (faint~) Im sooooo lazy to update but i dont want to close down my blog, how!? Anyway pass few days have been tonning with Billy ! Somedays with Celina, sarah and kath (: Had tons of laugh and silly chat with them! And my life is getting more and more owl-ly night! Pass is sleep at 12plus am, then change to 3plus am and now ? I sleep in the morning 6plus am and one night worst, i sleep at 8plus in the morning -.-! Panda eyes~~~ Don't ask me why, cause i oso don't know why i slept so late ! And one more thing make me more angry ! My boss given me 2 weeks of mc and now he don't even borther to pick up my calls or reply my texts ! I mean if you don't to want to hierd me just tell me would'nt you ? Make me wait like a fool very fun meh ?! LOL~ And you better make sure you ganna pay me the pay tml! If not i would'nt let you off so easily ! I swear (: Alright~ Updated abit ler, shall back to watching my drama '终极三国' I just dame love the show to the max ! Tata~ And leave a tag before leaving alrigh ? (L)!


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