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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

xiaovass: It's funny how we feel So much , but we don't say a word We are screaming inside, but we can't be heard.

Just uploaded 3 of my own pictures, left is last yr April took de when im in my bangs ! I kinda think wanting to cut back bangs anot. Should i ? hahaha... In the center is this yr chinese new year ! And last to the right is took at Sep de (: Alright~ after seening 3 picturns do i changed in this 1 yr? Tell me what you feel ! (wink~*)

Wait~ my eyes is dame itchy ! let me rub my eyes first ~ ....... 5 min later~ ...... ok back. (; miss me ? ok im just beening BHB :x

IM SOOOO BORED ~ Have beening rotting at home for the pass 3 days yet tonning like hell of the pass 2 weeks. Yst night meet billy pei him go Ikea buy things then walk to his there for supper. Order chicken wings and fish & chips! And the chicken wing s is like omg~ Bloody kea ! yea~ BLOODY. But over all still not bad lar (: Tks billy for cabbing me home. Meet andy under blk at 1plus tonning till 6, chat and had mac with him. Worst part is it rains ! Dame big somemore-'-! freacking cold ttm. Arrrrw~ ! And we have to run for cab under the rain like a fool but fun ! right andy ?! (wink~*) Texted with Andy and wilson awhile then sleep at 7 plus. Alright~ Im out of things to post le. Will be back soon, wait for my newer post. Byes!

Miki: Hunt the boss until he pays you XD and oh, TAG anyway ♥
xiaovass: YEA ! he transfer me le.

Miki: HEEEYYY!!! Thanks for tagging me, prettyy ^^~ And work hard too (:
xiaovass: Welcome ! i missya ! and lastly thankyou! (L)

w.k: =/ tagged welcome back to blogging
xiaovass: xiexie (:

有个女孩爱着你,用心爱着你,彻底爱着你,心却在哭泣;有个女孩爱着你,忘记了自己,她小心翼翼,静静等待爱情,把伤埋在回忆;有个女孩爱着你,坚强只是伪装,微笑也只是假装,就像一个傻瓜,等着被你爱上; ……那个女孩就是我,你知道吗,还是假装不知道,不回答。

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